Important Coronavirus Update

The health and safety of our members and employees is our top priority. During this time, we strongly encourage you to take advantage of our Mobile App, Online Banking and our Member Services Call Center at 678-486-1111 for your financial needs.
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Know Before You Go

Fully enjoy your vacation knowing your finances are protected!

A few travel tips to keep you carefree while on vacation:

  • Enroll in text alerts and eAlerts through eBranch for your Visa Debit and Credit Card with Credit Union of Georgia.
  • Let Credit Union of Georgia know when you are traveling! With a rise in fraud occurring on card transactions in foreign countries the Credit Union has put a block on all transactions conducted in foreign countries for both Debit and Credit Cards. Members must call to have a release put on their cards so they are able to use them when traveling out of the country.
  • Always have a back up plan to access funds- carry cash or carry another card to use as back up. We do everything we can to ensure your card is working perfectly, but in the event of fraud your card could be closed while you are on the go.
  • Keep your PIN safe! Never write it down on anything near your card- especially on your card.
  • Be wary of independent vendors and have cash on hand if needed to avoid using your card.
  • Caution should be used when reserving hotels, cars, travel tickets, etc. due to merchants placing holds on the account which can sometimes be quite high.
  • Look for skimmers, shimmers or tampering on ATMs and gas pumps. Don’t use if you suspect tampering.

Credit Union of Georgia has also improved our alert system against potential fraud! To ease your worries we recommend adding the Fraud Center’s number into your phone so you will know to answer the call immediately and not suspect a scam.

Label 1-800-417-4592 as Credit Union of Georgia Fraud Center.


How Credit Union of Georgia Fraud Prevention Service Works

1. When potential fraud is detected on your Debit or Credit Card, you’ll receive an automatic email notification with the option to reply with “fraud” or “no fraud”.

2. One minute after the email, you will receive a text alert, which also has the option to reply with “fraud” or “no fraud”.

3. If a response isn’t received from the email or text, you will then begin receiving automatic phone calls to confirm or deny fraud. The call will also give the option of speaking to a Fraud Analyst.

Remember- any email, text or call from Credit Union of Georgia will NEVER ask for your PIN or account number. For Credit Union of Georgia’s new Fraud Prevention Service to be effective it is important that all of your contact information is up to date in our system, please make sure to update your phone number, email and address if they have changed.


Sign Up for Visa Card Text Alerts

Give yourself added peace of mind – you may now enroll to monitor activity on your Visa Debit & Credit Card with Credit Union of Georgia. This will allow you to  respond immediately to possible fraudulent activity.

You will be alerted by text message if the following is detected on your enrolled Visa Debit & Credit Card:

  • International Transactions
  • Authorizations Greater than $500
  • 7 or more Transactions in 24 hours

Enroll today by CLICKING HERE.

You will receive a text message every 12 months to re-enroll in this service. This is a FREE service offered by Credit Union of Georgia to protect your Cards.

*Members will be responsible for any charges for any Message/Data through their device carrier.


Report Your Lost or Stolen Cards

In event your card is lost or stolen while you are traveling please contact us immediately.


Credit Union Travel Club

As a Credit Union of Georgia member you now have access to exclusive travel discounts and a complimentary membership with Credit Union Travel Club! Credit Union Travel Club offers hotel, flight, cruise, car and activity packages at a reduced prices for Credit Union of Georgia members.

We want our members to spend less and experience more.

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