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Campus Checking (Student Checking)

Campus Checking is a basic checking account designed for members 14 – 24 with no minimum balance requirements. Members can write up to 3 checks per month** and receive 6 ATM* transactions per month at non-Credit Union of Georgia ATMs with no fee.

Additional benefits:

Account Services:

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$10 required for all new members in a Savings Account. $25 minimum opening deposit required for new Checking Accounts. Once you join, you are then eligible to take advantage of all the benefits of Credit Union of Georgia membership.
*Additional ATM Transactions: $1 per transaction.
**Over the Limit Check Fee: $1 per check. Unlimited check writing if a $1,000 aggregate loan balance or $10,000 aggregate deposit balance is maintained.

College Savings

Part of good parenting (grandparenting) is preparing your children for the future. Statistics show that higher education can increase your child’s chances of receiving a better paying job later on in life. Given the rising costs of a college education, it benefits you to start a higher education funding plan now, instead of later. Planning early has added advantages for both you and your child. Read more about College Savings.

Cuga Kid's Club

Cuga started the Cuga Kid’s Club to teach kids important lessons about money. He wanted to make it fun, too. That’s why you can earn Cuga Cash by doing different things at the Credit Union and in the community. One way to earn Cuga Cash is to participate in Credit Union of Georgia activities. The friendly employees at the Credit Union of Georgia branch will give you Cuga Cash for the activities you do. You can use the Cuga Cash to get really cool prizes out of the Cuga Kid’s Toy Cabinet. The more Cuga Cash you save, the more prizes you can earn!

Learn more about Kids Savings

Student Loans

Sallie Mae’s Smart Option Student Loan

For college expenses not covered by scholarships and federal loans, Credit Union of Georgia has partnered with Sallie Mae to bring you loans with great repayment options and competitive rates.

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Parent Loan for Credit Union of Georgia by Sallie Mae

If you’re looking to pay for all or part of your student’s education, Credit Union of Georgia has partnered with Sallie Mae® to offer you the Parent Loan which features competitive interest rates and the flexibility of two repayment options. Any creditworthy individual—parent, grandparents, aunts, uncles, spouses, and guardians—can help a student achieve their dream of college.

With the loan in your name, you can give the gift of college to your student, while relieving them of the financial responsibility.

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Scholarship Search Tool

Credit Union of Georgia Scholarship Search Powered by Sallie Mae

Register for free access to 3.5 million scholarships offering up to $18 billion for college.

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