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Cuga Kid’s Club (Kids Savings)

Cuga Kid's Club Logo

Welcome to our Kid’s Club Savings Account program at Credit Union of Georgia. Cuga is no ordinary Cougar—he’s the mascot for Credit Union of Georgia’s Kid’s Club! Cuga loves to save money to buy BIG things later.

Do you have anything that you want to save money for?

Track your savings with this COOL Goal Chart offered through BALANCE.

Cuga started the Cuga Kid’s Club to teach kids important lessons about money. He wanted to make it fun, too. That’s why you can earn Cuga Cash by doing different things at the Credit Union and in the community. One way to earn Cuga Cash is to participate in Credit Union of Georgia activities. The friendly employees at the Credit Union of Georgia branch will give you Cuga Cash for the activities you do. You can use the Cuga Cash to get really cool prizes out of the Cuga Kid’s Toy Cabinet. The more Cuga Cash you save, the more prizes you can earn!

You will earn One Cuga Club dollar every time you…

The following activities/events will earn you ONE Cuga Club Dollar:

  • Deposit $5 or More
  • Earn “A’s” or “S’s” on a Report Card
  • Celebrate a Birthday

The following activities/events will earn you TWO Cuga Club Dollars:

  • Participate in a Credit Union of Georgia Activity
  • Recruit Someone Else to Join Credit Union of Georgia

Cuga Cash Can be Redeemed for Prizes!

The more dollars a child earns the higher the level gift they can choose!

  • 3 Cuga Cash Dollars = Level 1 Gift Choice
  • 6 Cuga Cash Dollars = Level 2 Gift Choice
  • 9 Cuga Cash Dollars = Level 3 Gift Choice

How do you become a Cuga Kid’s Club Member?
To become a Cuga Kid’s Club member, you must be 13 years old or younger. Just have your parent or guardian take you to the closest Credit Union of Georgia branch location and open your account there. It only takes $10 to join the Credit Union and $10 to keep on deposit in your Cuga Kid’s Club account.

Why Join the Cuga Kid’s Club?

  • You’ll learn good savings habits.
  • You’ll learn how to make a deposit at the Credit Union.
  • You can earn special prizes out of the Cuga Kid’s Club Toy Cabinet.
  • You’ll have a safe place to keep your money.
  • You’ll see your money grow with the dividends you earn.
  • You can save your money for a big purchase in the future.
  • You’ll receive a lollipop every time you visit the Credit Union!

Saving Money vs. Spending Money

Cuga the Cougar thinks it is important to save money and not to spend all of your money in one place. By saving money, you will be able to buy things later. If you spend all of your money the same day you get it, you won’t have anything left to spend in the future! If you save a little money every day you will be able to pay for more expensive things later. Saving money will also show your family how responsible you are.