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Debt Protection

Now you don’t have to lay awake at night worrying about what will happen if the unexpected strikes. CreditShield* cancels your eligible loan balance, up to $100,000, should you pass away before paying off your loan. In addition, if you become disabled due to a covered illness or injury or you are involuntarily unemployed, CreditShield can cancel** your monthly loan payment, up to the agreement maximum.

With CreditShield, you pay group rates and only buy enough protection to cover your loan balance, making payments truly affordable.

Other benefits include:

  • Protects your credit rating
  • Automatic eligibility for most borrowers
  • Simple enrollment
  • No medical screening
  • Immediate coverage
  • Convenient – cost is included in your loan payment

CreditShield can help safeguard your family from a financial nightmare.

This product is optional. Your purchase of debt protection is optional. Whether or not you purchase this product will not affect your application for credit or the terms of any existing credit agreement you have with us.
We will give you additional information before you are required to pay for debt protection. This information will include a copy of the contract containing the terms and conditions of debt protection.
There are eligibility requirements, conditions, and exclusions that could prevent you from receiving debt protection benefits. You should carefully read your debt protection contract for a full explanation of the terms and conditions of the debt protection program.