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Co-Op Shared Branch

Credit Unions have joined together and created CO-OP Shared Branch locations around the country. CO-OP Shared Branching allow Credit Union of Georgia members to conduct most of their business as if it were at a Credit Union of Georgia branch when they are actually at a CO-OP Shared Branch. By sharing facilities, Credit Unions can offer greater convenience for members to access their accounts in many more locations. The following services may be available to you at locations throughout the United States:

  • Open Monday through Saturday
  • Cash Checks & Make Deposits
  • Cash & Check Withdrawals (some cash limits may apply)
  • Make Loan Payments
  • Transfer Money To & From Accounts
  • Purchase Money Orders & Certified Checks
  • Obtain Cash Advances & Balance Inquiries

Currently our KSU, Marietta, North Cobb and Towne Lake branch locations are CO-OP Shared Branching locations.

To find a CO-OP Shared Branch near you, CLICK HERE.

Download the CO-OP Shared Branch Apps at: