eBranch Upgrade – Monday, July 14th

Exciting News – we are upgrading eBranch, our Home Banking site and launching a new Mobile Banking App!

CLICK HERE for eBranch Log-In Screenshots & Instructions


If this is your FIRST time logging in since our upgrade on July 14th, please use your Account Number as your eBranch ID. For your initial password, please use CUGA (in all CAPS) followed by the last 4 digits of the PRIMARY accountholders SSN or the last 4 digits of the Business TIN for Business Members. An example would be CUGA4321.

If you have already logged in to the new eBranch site, please use the eBranch ID you set-up – your account number will no longer work.

We are launching a new Home Banking platform within eBranch on Monday, July 14th. At the same time we will be launching our new Mobile Banking platform and Apps for iPhone, Andriod, and iPad. We are very excited about these changes as it will give us the ability to add additional services and enhancements in the future.

During the transition from the old system to the new system there will be downtime within eBranch (Home Banking) throughout the day Monday, July 14th. This means you will be unable to access your accounts online and through MARS (Member Audio Response System), pay bills online with ePay, and view your eStatement. During the downtime, you may still access your accounts via ATMs; Shared Service Centers; our Call Center at 678-486-1111 | ContactUs@CUofGA.org, and in-branch beginning at 9am through 5pm on Monday, July 14th. ATM and Shared Service Center locations can be found at www.co-opsharedbranch.org.

Why Are We Upgrading eBranch?
To strengthen security, the eBranch upgrade on July 14th will require members to set-up a User ID with 4 – 12 characters (beginning with alpha character) and a password with 4 – 10 characters. These changes are in conformity to government guidelines issued which call for enhanced security measures for Home Banking. A unique User ID is much safer than logging in using an account number, plus a unique User ID can be easier for you to remember. Choosing a User ID now gives you a better chance of obtaining the User ID you prefer; since each ID must be unique (meaning no more than one member can use that User ID).

Quicken & QuickBooks Users:
Before 7am on Monday, July 14th you will need to BACKUP and/or SAVE all your Quicken and/or QuickBooks data to your computer/device. If you do not save your data prior to 7am there is a potential you will lose all the data you have not properly backed up or saved.

Once the new eBranch system is LIVE, please DO NOT download to Quicken until you visit www.CUofGA.org/quicken-conversion for important conversion information. Quicken users will need to take important steps to ensure the smooth transition of your Quicken data. Visit www.CUofGA.org/quicken-conversion for step-by-step conversion instructions for your particular version of download. If you do not perform the instructions exactly as described, your service may stop functioning properly and you risk Quicken importing duplicate transactions. The conversion should only take 15 – 30 minutes.

eAlert Users:
eAlerts from our previous eBranch site will not carry over into the new eBranch system. Therefore, eAlerts will be unavailable beginning at 7:00am EST on Monday, July 14th and you will need to establish new eAlerts in the new eBranch system when we go LIVE.

Visa Credit Card Members:
To view a credit card balance, make a payment, view an eStatement, and more; members will need to enroll their Visa Credit Card by clicking on the Credit Card tab on the Menu Bar. The member will then be directed to www.CUofGA.MyCardInfo.com where they will follow the prompts under the Enroll tab.

Browser Info:
Members who still use any version of Internet Explorer 8 or older will need to upgrade to the newest version of Internet Explorer or use a current version of another browser, such as Firefox or Safari, to be able to log in to eBranch beginning July 14th.

Click Here to Download the Latest Version of Internet Explorer

Click Here to Download the Latest Version of Safari

Click Here to Download the Latest Version of Mozilla Firefox

We also recommend that if you had previously established bookmarks for the eBranch login page, you delete those bookmarks and access the new eBranch from our homepage www.CUofGA.org This will allow you to access the correct log in box and guarantee that you will go to the new eBranch site.

If you have any questions about the new system or what you will need to do to be able to access your accounts, please do not hesitate to contact us at 678-486-1111 or ContactUs@CUofGA.org. Our Call Center hours are Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm and Saturday 9am – 1pm. You can also visit any of our branch locations if you need assistance. Our branch lobby hours are Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm and Saturday 9am – 1pm.

Benefits of the NEW eBranch Include Online Banking:

  • True Dashboard Experience: View Account, Visa Credit Cards, Loan Balances, Recent Transactions, Transfers, and eAlerts All on Main Screen.
  • Mobile Banking & iPhone, Android, & iPad App
  • Member Controlled “Widgets” – Members Can Customize Their eBranch Screen
  • Create Nicknames for Accounts
  • Schedule Recurring Transfers Within eBranch
  • Accounts Transactions Show Debits in Red & Credits in Black
  • Single Sign On for ePay & eStatements Users (No More Pop-Up Issues)
  • Many More eAlert Account Options Including Texting Abilities
  • Order Checks Online with Deluxe Within eBranch
  • Secure Email Messaging Within eBranch with Credit Union of Georgia
  • Even More Security Features
  • And Much More!!!

Once the new eBranch system is LIVE there are a few things you will notice about the log-in procedure, and there are a few things you will need to do the first time you log in.

Logging In For The First Time:
For returning Credit Union of Georgia eBranch members, your initial log-in will be your account number as your eBranch ID.

After you enter your eBranch ID, you will be prompted to enter your password. For returning Credit Union of Georgia eBranch users, your Password will be CUGA followed by the last 4 digits of the PRIMARY accountholders Social Security Number. An example would be CUGA4321.

After Initial Log-In:
Once you log-in you will immediately be prompted to change your eBranch ID and Password to one of your choosing. Your eBranch ID must be unique (if someone else has already selected that eBranch ID, the system will not allow another user to have the same eBranch ID. This is similar to creating an email address – no duplicates are allowed). Your eBranch ID must be 4 – 12 characters and must begin with an alpha character. For your security, do not use personal data in your eBranch ID, such as your name, social security number, or birthdate. Also, do not use commonly used words such as “password”, “online banking” or consecutive or repetitive characters, such as “1234” or “aaaa”.

Your Password must be 4 – 10 characters, using any combination of letters and/or numbers (A-Z, 0-9). Special characters may also be used except for the “@” symbol.

Make Sure You Complete The Following Steps Upon Initial Log-In:

  • Read the Online Agreement – If you Agree, be sure to click the checkbox in the bottom right corner, and at that point you will be able to click the Accept button.
  • Select a Personal Identification Image (Watermark) – Select a Personal Identification Image from the choices available. This image will appear each time you log-in to eBranch to ensure you’re on the valid Credit Union of Georgia site. Once you have selected an image, it will appear on each screen. Click Submit to confirm the image.
  • Set-Up Security Questions – The first time you log-in after the conversion, the system will prompt you to select and answer three security questions. These are also referred to as “challenge questions” or “Multifactor Authentication Questions”. After you submit your questions, you will be asked to confirm the selected questions and answers. The new security questions have been revised to make them more difficult for a hacker to guess these answers since the questions ask for information that is not easily accessible.
  • Set-Up Call Back Numbers – As another added layer of security you have the option to set up call back numbers as an alternate method to answering security questions. You may receive messages at the provided number when prompted. At least one number is required.
  • Set-Up Reset Password Notification – This is a feature in eBranch that allows you to reset your Password using email in the event you forget it. You will be asked to set up a Password reset question and answer. This feature can be found on the “Options” tab within eBranch. This step is extremely important because you will not be able to reset your Password unless you set-up this Password reset question and answer.
  • Verify Your Email Address – You will be asked to enter or update your email address. This address is used for important notifications regarding your account at Credit Union of Georgia.
  • Establish eAlerts – There are many new forms of alerts available to you in the new eBranch system, as well as notification methods. For this reason, all alerts will need to be recreated on the new system. If you had alerts previously set up on the old system, they will not transfer. Alerts can be found under the Options tab.
  • Subsequent Log-Ins – Logging in after initial log in is very simple. Log in to your account from the Credit Union of Georgia homepage www.CUofGA.org or eBranch.CUofGA.org. Enter your User ID and click the Log In button. On the next page you should see your watermark, which ensures you’re on the valid Credit Union of Georgia site. If you recognize your watermark, you should enter your Password and click the Submit button. If you do not recognize your watermark, first try returning to the login area on the Credit Union of Georgia homepage and entering your User ID again. If you still do not recognize the image, do not enter your Password and contact the Credit Union immediately at 678-486-1111 | ContactUs@CUofGA.org.

If you are a first time user of eBranch and need to enroll or you are having any issues, please contact the Credit Union at 678-486-1111 | ContactUs@CUofGA.org, or visit any branch location.